Types of Pet Insurance Policy Coverages

Pet insurance has become a desired service and benefit for this generation. Today, employers who want their employees’ benefits to stand out should consider offering pet insurance packages. The variety of products offered by companies for pet insurance varies widely. That’s why we are here, to guide your choice.

Depending on coverage needed, the type of pet, its age, pre-existing conditions, and the preferred pet owners’ premium cost and deductible, there are many options for pet insurance policies your employees might consider.

  • Wellness – vaccinations, flea, heartworm, and other preventions, wellness visits, and tests
  • Other care – Chronic medical issues, hospitalizations, surgeries, Rx, exams, lab testing, sudden illnesses, and injuries.
  • Complete care – Covers all of the above and anything else that comes up.
  • Pet death benefits – Certain policies may offer some coverage of burial, cremation, and other services.

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