Identity Theft Services

Identity theft protection as a voluntary benefit for employees shows your concern for their privacy. Identity theft protection is becoming one of the most important of all voluntary benefits an employer can offer in today’s connected world.

There are many variations in plans available for identity theft protection services.

  • Monitoring – Detect suspicious activity regarding personal IDs, email and home addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, insurance cards, bank data, social media, usernames, and job applications data.
  • Protection – Important tips for safe transactions and general best practices on the internet, protection software, personal guidance, updates on your credit score, real-time dashboards regarding your security, latest scam information.
  • Resolution – recovery of assets, legal documentation, creditor notifications, law-enforcement communications, fraud alerts, credit freeze requests at three credit bureaus, lost wallet or purse help, travel and cash for emergencies, data recovery and correction, mobile device and PC cleanup, internet security.
  • Remediation – Addresses breaches in security that might allow cyber-attacks, limiting the amount of potential damage.

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