Dental Insurance Policies

Offering your employees a voluntary dental health insurance plan shows concern for their families’ overall health and welfare. A dental plan gives them the ability to budget and plan for all of their dental needs and costs throughout the year. Employees without dental coverage plans are unlikely to schedule regular dental care. Dental health can impact the rest of their physical and emotional health. Healthy employees mean less lost work time.

Key dental coverages available for employees’ dental insurance plans:

  • Preventative and wellness care – routine exams, x-rays, and cleanings, and fluoride treatments for kids are an option. Many of these plans have no deductible or waiting time.
  • Basic care and services – Emergency dental pain treatment and fillings
  • Major care and services – Retainers, root canals, dental implants. These may be subject to deductibles and waiting times, fittings, and customized dentures.
  • Dental network access – Dental offices from private offices, retail, and clinic locations.
  • All stage of life coverage – Family members of different ages have different needs. This type of coverage can be found in customized plans.

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