What Critical Illness Insurance Covers

While standard medical coverage pays healthcare expenses, a voluntary critical illness plan will replace lost income and pay additional costs. An unexpected hospitalization of an employee or one of their family members can add up to a crippling amount of debt in a short time. During difficult times, critical illness insurance can provide a family with a lump sum of cash, easing the stress on the employee.

There are many advantages to providing this kind of voluntary benefit for your employees. Besides receiving a cash benefit when needed, the maximum lifetime benefit amounts can range in the tens of thousands.

  • Conditions covered might include – Cancer, heart attacks, loss of vision, speech or hearing, organ transplant, coma or paralysis, renal failure, stroke, coronary bypass, carcinoma in situ.
  • Cash benefits may pay for – Rent or mortgage payments, groceries, specialist treatments, transportation to treatments, cash medical costs.

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