What Accident Insurance Covers

Most employees are financially unprepared for the expenses they incur from accidental injury. Health or medical insurance will address the medical bills resulting from a fall or injury from sports or other activities. Still, other expenses can confront employees and impact their finances while recovering. Accident insurance provides cash for those unexpected expenses.

Accident insurance will pay direct benefits in cash to employees for accidental injuries. Your employees will pay a monthly premium for a plan that pays out even if medical expenses are covered at 100% by other health insurance.

  • Any ER visit – This includes facility costs, blood, and other tests, x-rays, and other treatments.
  • Accident-related injuries coverage might include – Dental injuries, eye injuries, broken bones, dislocations, burns, concussions, lacerations, ambulance, ER, physical therapy, and urgent care.
  • Cash benefits may pay for – High deductibles not covered. In addition, it covers out-of-pocket and non-medical costs from the injury.

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